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Monday, August 8, 2011

linen asian pouch scarf. made to order. free size.

linen asian pouch scarf
A free size. made to order linen pouch scarf with big pockets to keep your belongs. You can walk out of the door with this functional scarf without carrying a bag with you. :))
 In the old times, Chinese travel with a long fabric scarf-like long money pouch with them. It's often worn over one side of their shoulders and hung front and back. Each end has a patched  pouch to keep money in so they can reach the money easily and buy things in the market and still have 2 hands to carry goods. This scarf is a recreation of this idea but more detailed pockets with handmade/looped Chinese frog button closures to keep your belongs safe in the big pockets. It's a scarf and it's a purse you may say.. Moreover, it's made of natural flax/ linen free of pesticides/ allergy free. Enjoy!